Memorial Gifts

This list is based on all gifts received between July 1, 2019 and June 30, 2020.

♦ Denotes a minimum of five years of consecutive giving.

In Memory of Edward Ackerman P’87 ’91

Meagan and Christopher Sells P’26

In Memory of Alison Blanchard ’72

Louise* and Art Blanchard* P’72 ’74 ’78

Joan Berkley

Mary Blanchard

Payne and Blanchard LLP

Sarah Blanchard ’74

Paul Boehme

Alice Bergman ’74 and Ralph Cohen

Barry Drees

Sharon S. Dyess

Jane Shang

Pam Weisberg

In Memory of Art Blanchard P’72 ’74 ’78

Ramona and Lee Bass

Louise Blanchard* P’72 ’74 ’78

Mary Blanchard

Sarah Blanchard ’74

Payne and Blanchard LLP

Leslie Burgess

Harriet Shutt ’78 and Christopher Burrow P’13 ♦

Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund ♦

Andrea Hein

Julie Mustamandy

Stephanie Saunders ’78

Jane Shang

Shana Waterman

Erin Cressida Wilson

In Memory of Louise Blanchard P’72 ’74 ’78

Peggy and Richard Allison ♦

John Bauman

Mary Blanchard

Kalita Beck ’77 and Ed Blessing

Annabelle Catterall

Alice Bergman ’74 and Ralph Cohen

Barbara Hunt Crow P’03 ♦

Jack Hawkins

Raymond James ♦

Schatzie Henderson ’55 and George Lee, Jr. P’83 ♦

Peter Lutken

Ruth Ann Montgomery

Norma Payne

Margot and Rust Reid P’76 ’79 ’82

Laurie Towns

Pam Weisberg

In Memory of Karen Blumenthal P’06 ’08

            Talley Dunn ’86 P’26 ♦

In Memory of Dorothy Bruton ’42

Barbie Burden ’66 and Kenneth Swanson

In Memory of Regis Campfield P’89 ’93

Mary Campfield P’89 ’93

In Memory of Rita Crocker Clements ’49 P’75 ’75

Julie Smith ’07 ♦

In Memory of Bridget Cunningham

Taylor Dilbeck ’10

Sasha Nouri ’08

In Memory of Doris Davis ’39

Joanna White ’65

In Memory of Laurie Vial Davis ’83

Mary Eileen Flanagan ’83 and Mark Anderson ♦

In Memory of Richard Dubsky P’96

Deborah Dubsky P’96 ♦

In Memory of Joachim Ebert P’25 ’27

Margaret and Robert Braun P’25 ♦

Meredith and Andrew Clavenna P’23 ’25

Karen and Andrew Coleman

Nancy Jackson ’87 and Greg Crook P’25 ’28 ♦

Bennett and Michael Spann Cunningham P’27 ♦

Tricia Drum ’91 and Ken Davidson P’25 ♦

Linda Elliott P’92 ’94 ’98 ♦

Jennifer and Silas Graham P’27 ♦

Erin and Taly Haffar P’27 ’29 ♦

Charlie Hohenshelt P’23 ’27

Haseena Enu and Randy Hulme P’27

Lisa and Rodney Jones P’25 ♦

Linda and Steve Kramer P’99 ’03 ♦

Joanne and Alex Nguyen P’27 ’29 ’32

Mela and Rick Perez P’25

Lori and Mike Polosky P’25 ’27

Mandy Ginsberg ’88 and Madhu Rajendran P’16 ’27 ♦

Nicole Ginsburg ’91 and Justin Small P’24 ’27 ♦

Stacey and Todd Stoller P’25 ’26

Ursula and Giuliano Testa P’27 ♦

Xiaoxia Sheng and Siyuan Zhou P’27

In Memory of Mary Louise McNeese Forteith ’42 JC

Heather Zrubek and William Forteith

In Memory of Elizabeth Greenman ’87

Shannon Morse ’88 and Daniel Clifford P’28

In Memory of Marilu Gruben P’86

Kay Merkel Boruff ♦

In Memory of William Gruben P’86

Kay Merkel Boruff ♦

In Memory of Beverly Bass Haralson ’76

Odie Rooth ’76 and Mark Milliorn P’07 ’09

In Memory of Carolyn Horchow P’80 ’82 ’88

Kay Merkel Boruff ♦

In Memory of Roger Horchow P’80 ’82 ’88

Kay Merkel Boruff ♦

Karen and Andrew Coleman

Kathy and Harlan Crow P’21 ♦

Talley Dunn ’86 P’26 ♦

Leslie Whittenburg ’83 and Wicky el-Effendi P’09 ’12 ♦

Jessica Werner ’96 and Doug Epperson P’26 ’29 ♦

Kathryn Walker ’94 and Jim Francis P’24 ♦

Lydia and Dan Novakov P’98 ♦

In Memory of Paul Johnson P’90

Gwen Johnson P’90 ♦

In Memory of Kathy Kilgore Levine ’70

Betty Anderson ’70 and James Haisten

In Memory of Chandler Roosevelt Lindsley ’52 P’75 ’82

Anne Jordan Logan ’63 ♦

In Memory of N. P. Lohstreter

Ashley Walker ’05

In Memory of Francille McCarthy P’79

Kama Boswell Koudelka ’81 ♦

In Memory of Robert Miller P’83

Kay Merkel Boruff ♦

In Memory of Shannon West Murchison ’75

Shawn West Webb ’77

In Memory of Colleen O’Bannon ’08

June and Jim Baumoel

Mary Beiter

Sharon Blum-Hall ’95 P’26 ♦

James Carey

Alice and Greg Chow P’08

Betsy Best ’73 and Bennett Cullum P’98 ’01 ♦

Lynne and Bill Downs P’97

Irene Gow ’08

James and Ann Harris

Jo and Scott Kirksey P’08

Suzy Ladue

Susan and David Lowery P’00

Rosemary Parravano ’08 and Will Maberry

Sasha Nouri ’08

Jeannine and Jim O’Bannon P’08 ♦

Carrie Johnson ’91 and Marshall Phaneuf P’21 ’24 ♦

Preston Hollow Presbyterian School

Dana and Josh Roseman P’20 ♦

Katharine Salvatore

Sandra Stroo

Heather Wolf ’08 and Kevin Tazalla

Kelly and Chance Turner

Steve Waldman

Erin and Billy Young P’11 ’14

In Memory of Alan Peppard P’19 ’19 ’28

Talley Dunn ’86 P’26 ♦

John Levy

Maria and Matthew Schindel P’19 ’21 ♦

Betty and Brian Schultz P’18 ’19 ’25 ♦

In Memory of H. Ross Perot P’78 ’82 ’86 ’89

Margaret Brown P’75 ’80

Talley Dunn ’86 P’26 ♦

Barbara Glazer ’75 and Randy Rosenblatt P’06 ’08 ♦

In Memory of Mike Polosky, Sr.

Lori and Mike Polosky P’25 ’27

In Memory of Wendy Marcus Raymont ’56

Schatzie Henderson ’55 and George Lee, Jr. P’83 ♦

In Memory of Jill Skaggs

Helen Graeber Overstreet ’77

In Memory of Denys R. Slater, Jr. P’84

Judith Wilson ’57

In Memory of Wendy Soltero ’96

Karen Soltero Castaño ’92

In Memory of Debby Hay Spradley P’96 ’06

Andrea Autrey ’06

Becky and Ezell Autrey P’06

John and Pamela Beckert Family Foundation

Martin Bowles

Susan Earhart Brower ’92 ♦

Peggy Carr P’96

Pat and Jim Crain P’00 ’01

Talley Dunn ’86 P’26 ♦

Judith and Sean Finegan ♦

Kelly Ruff Frazier ’96

Erin Hendricks and Taly Haffar P’27 ’29 ♦

Barbara and Jim Hazlewood P’90 ’94 ’96

Lyda Hill ’60 ♦

Courtney Jones ’97 and Brian Johnson P’26 ’28 ’30 ♦

Elizabeth Enloe ’86 and Michael Malakoff P’15 ’16 ’21 ♦

Dorelyn and Jim Martin P’08

Susan Nold

Sonia Topletz Philipson ’51JC P’76 ’77 ’80 ’82 ♦

Mary Crain ’01 and Anthony Roman ♦

Betty and Brian Schultz P’18 ’19 ’25 ♦

Beth Segler

Elaine Flache Shiver ’65 P’96

Meredith and Ian Zapata P’2

In Memory of Manny Bergan Tollefsen ’55

Schatzie Henderson ’55 and George Lee, Jr. P’83 ♦

In Memory of Dorothy Collins Weaver ’64

Debbie Johnson Ryan ’61

In Memory of Harriet Olmsted Weber ’35 P’63

Kathryn Munson ’94 and Gentry Beach P’32

In Memory of David Wolfe

Kay Merkel Boruff ♦

In Memory of Chen Young P’84

Shirley Young ’84 and Mitchell Hall