Friends of Hockaday Donors

Giving levels are based on the total gifts and pledge payments received between July 1, 2019 and June 30, 2020.

♦ Denotes a minimum of five years of consecutive giving.

♥ Denotes former faculty or staff member.


David Ackerman

Eddie Ackerman

Sandra Fallen Conner

William Walton


Nancy Jarmolowski

Margaret Thompson ’20

Denning Thompson ’26

HEAD OF SCHOOL CIRCLE JADE ($3,000 – $4,999)

Ralph Randall

GREEN & WHITE ($1,500 - $2,999)

Mary Anne and David Alhadeff

Theresa and William Daniel

Isabell Haggar ♦

PLAID ($500 - $1,499)

Lee Bass

Ramona Bass

Joan Berkley

Mary Blanchard

James Carey

Inez Johnson ’21

Caroline Polosky ’25

Claire Polosky ’27

Michael Randazzo

Beth Segler

Kelly and Chance Turner ♥

Shana Waterman

DAISY ($1 - $499)

John Bauman

June and Jim Baumoel

Mary Beiter

Paul Boehme

Elizabeth Boggan

Kay Merkel Boruff ♦ ♥

Martin Bowles

Nancy Boxall ♦ ♥

Leslie Burgess

Annabelle Catterall

Erin Cressida Wilson

Barry Drees

Sharon S. Dyess

Kenneth Goldstein

Jonathan Habashy

Jack Hawkins

Andrea Hein

Jay Hellmuth ♦ ♥

Pam Hill ♥

Jan and Arnold Holtberg

Mary Kesler ♥

Suzy Ladue

Christine Lagow ♦ ♥

Neal and Ron Lee ♥

John Levy

Peter Lutken

Ruth Ann Montgomery

Julie Mustamandy

Susan Nold

Daisuke Nonaka

Norma Payne

Kay Pickett ♥

Hunter Rome

Katharine Salvatore

Jennifer and Edward Sampson

Jane Shang

Joe Tauscher ♦

Laurie Towns

Steve Waldman

Olivia Weeldreyer ’22

Pam Weisberg

Claudette and David* Wolfe ♥