Donors to the Endowment Funds

Giving levels are based on the total gifts and pledge payments received between July 1, 2019 and June 30, 2020.

♦ Denotes a minimum of five years of consecutive giving.


The Hockaday Parents’ Association ♦

Estate of Caroline Rose Hunt

Scot Industries, Inc

Mary Lou and Steven Wilmeth P’92 ’96 ’98


The Communities Foundation of Texas, Inc. ♦


Sandra Fallen Conner

Janey and Steve Fallen P’92 ♦

Nancy Fallen ’92 and Corey Kershaw ♦


Linda Hou and David Chen P’24 ♦

Linda and Bill Custard P’83 ’87 ♦

Estate of Carol M. Frankenfield and Susan B. Wise

Margie Jackson ’63 and John Haley P’88 ♦

Nancy Jarmolowski

Cary-Elisa Briggle ’83 and Bobby Rubarts P’19 ’23 ♦


Janie Strauss ’72 and Cappy McGarr P’00 ’03 ♦

Janie and Cappy McGarr Family Fund

Texas Women’s Foundation

Carol Alexander ’57 and John Vesey

HEAD OF SCHOOL CIRCLE JADE ($3,000 – $4,999)

Estate of Patricia M. Godbold

Morgan Manser ’05

Carol Gantt and Henry Wells P’04 ’06 ♦

GREEN & WHITE ($1,500 - $2,999)

The Dallas Foundation ♦

Theresa and William Daniel

Emily and Russell Falconer P’32

Jeffrey Fearon P’11 ’20 ’20

Regen Horchow ’80  P’11 ’20 ’20 ♦

Morgan Hughes ’00

Catherine Orr ’68 and Tom Luccock ♦

Barbara and Stan Rabin

Ellen Higginbotham ’59 and Richard Rogers P’89 ♦

The Ralph B. Rogers Foundation ♦

Lie Luo and Qianlong Yuan P’24

Xiaoxia Sheng and Siyuan Zhou P’27

PLAID ($500 - $1,499)

Nancy Leake ’68 and Marc Abelanet

Navita and Vikas Agrawal P’20


Ramona and Lee Bass

Benevity Giving Platform ♦

Joan Berkley

Leah and Amol Bhatki P’24 ’27

Louise* and Art* Blanchard P’72 ’74 ’78

Mary Blanchard

Sarah Blanchard ’74

Blessing Family Foundation

Kalita Beck ’77 and Ed Blessing ♦

Shirley and Stuart Crow P’04 ’14 ’20 ♦

Sandie Eltringham ’90 ♦

Kristi Kay and David Estes P’20 ’22 ♦

Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund ♦

Kerrie and Ross Forbes P’20 ♦

Nancy Strauss ’68 and Jeremy Halbreich

Margaret and Barry Hancock P’14 ’20 ♦

Colleen and David Hayes P’28 ’29

Sue Ann Bryant ’59 and James Holland P’84 ♦

Gwen Johnson P’90 ♦

Chris & Mirjam Kirk Fund of the Dallas Foundation

Mirjam and Chris Kirk P’20 ♦

Jessie and Lincoln Lin P’12 ’20 ♦

Allyson and Hays Lindsley P’08 ’10 ’20 ♦

Claudia Grandjean and Greg Manganello P’16 ’17 ’20

Alyssa and Keith Martin P’19 ♦

Caroline and Rick O’Brien P’14 ’14 ’16 ’20 ♦

Pat & Neil O’Brien Family Foundation

Pat and Neil O’Brien

Angier Peavy ’68 ♦

Cathy and Alec Pringle P’01 ♦

Michael Randazzo

Raymond James ♦

Marion and Dave Salopek P’10 ’20

Rajita and Gurmeet Singh P’19 ♦

Marianne Wells ’68 ♦

Jenna Brasch ’82 and Seth Woodberry P’12 ’15 ’20 ’25 ♦

DAISY ($1 - $499)

Sue and Nasim Akhtar

Helen and Jay Allen P’28 ♦

Peggy and Richard Allison ♦

Marilyn Augur

Becky and Ezell Autrey P’06

Megan Lacerte ’02 and Joe Barrie-Schwarz P’33

John Bauman

John and Pamela Beckert Family Foundation

Alice Bergman ’74 and Ralph Cohen ♦

Julie and Bob Blend P’20 ♦

Paul Boehme

Martin Bowles

Susan Earhart Brower ’92 ♦

Leslie Burgess

Harriet Shutt ’78 and Christopher Burrow P’13 ♦

Corrie and Patrick Byrd P’28 ♦

Julia and John Callahan

Peggy Carr P’96

Mary Cates

Annabelle Catterall

Karena and Chad Chisolm P’29

Christina Corbett

Susan Cowger P’12

Erin Cressida Wilson

Nancy Jackson ’87 and Greg Crook P’25 ’28 ♦

Barbara Hunt Crow P’03 ♦

Ana Katherine and Gene Curry P’19 ♦

Jeanne Marie and Paul Daggett P’31 ’33

Julie and Mark Dendle P’20

Aurelia and Catalin Dinulescu P’15 ’20 ♦

Barry Drees

Sharon S. Dyess

Marcia Schneider and Irfan Farukhi P’31

Rebecca Marcus ’96 and Alex Fernandes P’33

Brian Flanagan P’30

Megan Flanagan P’30

Margaret M. Flanagan P’30

Donna Dee and Curt Floyd

Callie Moroney Fort ’13 ♦

Yana and Arthur Greenstein P’31

Bo Sun and Yuqiang Gu P’16 ♦

Jonathan Habashy

Jack Hawkins

Barbara and Jim Hazlewood P’90 ’94 ’96

Andrea Hein

Lauren Hoffman ’06

Jane Nokleberg and Lawrence Hum P’20 ♦

Kay Johnson ’18

Breeanna and Ethan Joubran P’31

Jan and Jeff Kramer P’25 ♦

Amy LaDue P’20 P’20

Sherry and Richard Lane

Deanne and Alex Lee P’28 ♦

Schatzie Henderson ’55 and George Lee, Jr. P’83 ♦

Anne Jordan Logan ’63 ♦

Susan and John Long P’27

Peter Lutken

Dorelyn and Jim Martin P’08

Kim and John McBride P’15 ’19 ♦

Carol and Frank Miele P’20 ’22 ♦

Ruth Ann Montgomery

Julie Mustamandy

Kathy and Dan Myers

Susan Nold

Tikun Olam Fund

Carolyn and Bob Orchid

Payne and Blanchard LLP

Norma Payne

Sonia Topletz Philipson ’51JC P’76 ’77 ’80 ’82 ♦

Kay Pickett

Niri Gowd and Joshi Pothuri P’29

Margot and Rust Reid P’76 ’79 ’82

Tracey and Larry Roach P’23 ’25 ♦

Mary and Bill Roberts

Katherine Rogers ’89 and William Roberts P’20 ♦

Dana and Josh Roseman P’20 ♦

Sandy and Jim Saalfield P’89 ’95

Katharine Salvatore

Stephanie Saunders ’78

Jane Shang

Elaine Flache Shiver ’65 P’96

Samantha and Mark Stephens P’31

Tracy and David Stringfield P’20 ♦

Jen and Baran Sumer P’23

Barbie Burden ’66 and Kenneth Swanson

Erin Shiver Thomas ’96

Shannon Saalfield ’89 and Jodie Thompson P’20 ’26 ♦

Jennifer and Aaron Tobin P’31

Laurie Towns

Alice Vaughan

Ashley Walker ’05 ♦

Pam Weisberg

Sharon Wolfson

Devon Youngblood ’06

Carmen and Andy Yung P’22 ’27 ♦

Angela and Luis Zambrano P’24 ’27 ♦