Current Parent Donors

Giving levels are based on the total gifts and pledge payments received between July 1, 2020 and June 30, 2021.

♦ Denotes a minimum of five years of consecutive giving.

* Denotes deceased


Samantha Ackerman ’91 and James Asch P’21 ’24 ♦

Kathy and Harlan Crow P’21 ♦

Jim Dondero P’24 ’27 ♦

Christen Levering ’03 and Jody Redlich P’34 ♦


Tiffany and Mark Cuban P’22 ’25 ♦

Toni Muñoz-Hunt and Dan Hunt P’34


Asha and Jacob Chemmalakuzhy P’24

Scott Everett P’26 ♦

Dawn and Toby Grove P’23 ♦

Haseena Enu and Randy Hulme P’27 ♦


Lisa Blue-Baron P’25 ’27 ’27 ♦

Jamie and Jesse Bomer P’32

Megan and John Burkhart P’21 ’24 ♦

Lucy Billingsley ’98 and Tom Burns P’32 ♦

Tamara Rorrie ’86 and David Campbell P’17 ’23 ♦

Sarah Lu and Terry Cao P’32

Jennifer and Chris Cather P’25 ’28 ♦

Linda Hou and David Chen P’24 ♦

Susan and Christopher Chun P’23 ’26

Tonika and Taj Clayton P’26

Catherine and Mark Cohen P’25 ’25

Carla and Greg Courtwright P’23 ♦

Rachael and Bob Dedman P’19 ’21 ♦

Natasha and Antal Desai P’31 ’33 ’34

Yvette Ostolaza and Peter Dewar P’21 ♦

Lupe Mora and Homero Duarte P’24 ’25 ♦

Stacey and Alex Duran P’31 ’32

Kelli and Jerry Ford P’22 ’25 ♦

Wendy and Paul Genender P’33

Abby English ’00 and Michael Gregory P’31 ’34

Neeti and Raj Gupta P’30

Amy and Robert Isom P’18 ’23 ♦

Susan Watts and Greg Kozielec P’23

Ann Wang and Edward Lin P’25

Julie and Robert Little P’22 ’24 ’28

Caroline Haynes ’83 and Mario Lopez P’27 ♦

Louise and Charles Marsh P’30 ’34 ♦

Gail Macalik and James Martin P’28 ♦

Carmen and Scott McArron P’23 ’33

Kimberly and Neelesh Mehendale P’22 ♦

Paula Bosler ’87 and Bay Miltenberger P’32 ♦

Stephanie and Greg Moore P’22 ’25 ’27

Joanne and Alex Nguyen P’27 ’29 ’32 ♦

Lynde Jones ’92 and Wilson Schoellkopf P’29 ♦

Betty and Brian Schultz P’18 ’19 ’25 ♦

Rachel Segal P’21

Naheed Shahid and Venkat Sethuraman P’23 ’24 ♦

Jen and Baran Sumer P’23 ♦

Julie and Jay Teinert, Sr. P’28

Laura and Bryan Trubey P’24 ’25

Aimee and Ian Trumpower P’23 ’29 ♦

Heather Hill ’90 and Ray Washburne P’22 ♦

Jenna Brasch ’82 and Seth Woodberry P’12 ’15 ’20 ’25 ♦

Carmen and Andy Yung P’22 ’27 ♦

Jenny Li and Frank Zhao P’21 ’29 ♦


Katie and David Aisner P’32 ♦

Wasan and Kasim Alfalahi P’32

Carrie Moore ’89 and Steven Becker P’20 ’27 ♦

Carla and Dylan Bolden P’25 ’27 ♦

Leslie and Ryan Boschetti P’34

Yanli Fan and Wenjun Chen P’32

Meredith and Andrew Clavenna P’23 ’25 ♦

Katie Croft and Scott Goldberg P’32 ’34 ♦

Stacy and Bronson Crouch P’30 ’33 ♦

Jeanne Marie and Paul Daggett P’31 ’33

Judy and John Donovan P’21 ♦

Jessica Werner ’96 and Doug Epperson P’26 ’29 ’34 ♦

Blake Estess P’22 ’27

Ossa and Anders Fisher P’27 ’28 ♦

Kathryn Walker ’94 and Jim Francis P’24 ♦

Christine and James Frary P’28

Katharine and Mike Friguletto P’20 ’27 ♦

Jenney and David Gillikin P’22 ♦

Heidi and Andrew Hill P’22 ♦

Rong Zeng and David Hong P’21 ♦

Kristi and Ron Hoyl P’23 ♦

Griselda Rocha and Muditha Karunatileka P’30 ♦

Jae Sun and Jun Il Kwun P’22 ♦

Eun Young Suh and Ye Jin Lee P’24

Kalene and Matt McGraner P’31

Aanchal Taneja and Alok Mohan P’32

Yu Wang and Guohua Qiu P’24

Priya and Veeral Rathod P’32 ’33

Kristie and Robert Raymond P’24

Amanda and Anson Reilly P’33

Nita Patel and Sorabh Saxena P’26

Nicole Ginsburg ’91 and Justin Small P’24 ’27 ♦

Laurie and Bruce Stevenson P’21 ’23 ♦

Daphne Stidham P’22 ♦

Dawne and Patrick Tribolet P’18 ’21 ’23 ♦

Paula and Charles Wills P’21 ♦

Fei Li and Yongzhi Zhao P’24

Xiaoxia Sheng and Siyuan Zhou P’27

HEAD OF SCHOOL CIRCLE JADE ($3,000 – $4,999)

Natalie and Jesse Arbaugh P’23

Amsler and Don Bell P’26 ♦

Lindsey and Dave Beran P’28

Audrey Cook ’88 and Joel Bines P’17 ’26 ♦

Shonn and Clarence* Brown P’24 ’26 ♦

Lori and David Browne P’24

Jacqueline and Chris Burls P’24

Donna and Rick Carlisle P’23 ♦

Charlotte Hudson Carter ’99 and Grant Carter P’31 ’33 ♦

Melanie and Daniel Charest P’21 ♦

Xiaoying Hu and Kenwei Chen P’24

Xin Zhang and Weidong Chen P’28

Cynthia Miranda and Daniel Costa P’29 ♦

Jennie Schoellkopf Cox ’94 P’23 ♦

Zhiqiao Tan and Jianxin Ding P’24

Neha and Arjun Dugal P’32 ’33

Marcia Schneider and Irfan Farukhi P’31

Rebecca Marcus ’96 and Alex Fernandes P’33 ♦

Landy Elliott ’92 and Alex Fox P’24 ’26 ♦

Renee and Jeffrey George P’25

Madhuri and Krish Gudipaty P’23

Rajashri Patil and Amit Guttigoli P’22 ’27 ♦

Raynal and Drew Hamilton P’23

Nicole and Samuel Hughes P’21 ’26

Vera and Tyrous Ingram P’23 ♦

Cathy Xu and Huawen Jin P’28 ♦

Juhyune Ryu and Hwanwoo Jung P’21

Sun and Michael Kim P’33

Annie and Raffy Kouyoumdjian P’31 ’33

Jan and Jeff Kramer P’25 ♦

Tami and Clay La Grone P’22 ’26 ♦

Christine and Jon Leatherberry P’33

Micky Kuttig and Jim Leible P’30 ♦

Summer Liu and John Li P’28 ♦

Ying Ji and Jing Liu P’22

Susan and John Long P’27 ♦

Elana Ribman and Rob Lovein P’27 ♦

Whitney and Tom Madine P’24 ’29 ♦

Amy and Jim Martin P’23

Anna and Brad McPhail P’18 ’23 ♦

Lanesha and Scott Minnix P’24

Liliana and Richard Nordtvedt P’27

Jill Rosellini ’00 and Jim Ombrello P’28 ♦

Nikky Phinyawatana ’96 and Tanapan Noisiri P’32

Shikha Sethi and Ganesh Raj P’22

Tulika Jain and Upendar Reddy P’25

Amanda and Charlie Shufeldt P’29

Mimi and Ben Slater P’34

Dallas and Daryl Snadon P’25 ♦

Candace Campbell ’84 and Max Swango P’18 ’22 ♦

Judy Zhou and Alan Tan P’34

Allison Campfield ’89 and Mike Taten P’22 ’25 ♦

Ursula and Giuliano Testa P’27 ♦

Xiaojie Chen and Dongsheng Tian P’22 ’24

Erin and Franck Vautrin P’30 ’33 ♦

Sara and Pete Wahl P’21 ’25

Lucy Wrubel P’24 ♦

Bin He and Yiqun Xie P’23 ♦

Tinka Azurin and Mohammad Yunus P’28

GREEN & WHITE ($1,500 - $2,999)

Alyssa and Patrick Adams P’26

Amy and Kent Aftergut P’21 ’23 ♦

Lindsay and Jehan Akhtar P’26 ♦

Dina and Jason Arnott P’28 ♦

Tracy Ruff ’92 and Sahil Bakshi P’26 ♦

Laura and Keith Benedict P’16 ’18 ’19 ’21 ’21 ♦

Leah and Amol Bhatki P’24 ’27

Margaret and Robert Braun P’25 ♦

Mia and Tyler Brous P’34

Courtney and Daniel Case P’27

Laura Colhouer and Mohammad Chand P’23

Qian Zhu and Zhenpu Chen P’24

Lamar and Gerry Chicoine P’25 ♦

Karena and Chad Chisolm P’29 ♦

Bralee Khuankaew and Mike Collins P’30

Kristin and Fadi Constantine P’34

Alexis and Jim Damonte P’24

Wei Shi and Chen Ding P’21

Amy and Dahlem Dodson P’22 ♦

Bethany and Robert Dow P’32

Maria and David Duque P’23

Alli and Matt Eagan P’34

Callie Emery and Marc Brundige P’24 ♦

Kristen and Mitchell Fagelman P’26 ♦

Alicia Koo and Jarrod Fowler P’24 ♦

Mandy Ginsberg ’88 and Madhu Rajendran P’16 ’27 ♦

Carol and Mark Goglia P’22 ♦

Jennifer and Silas Graham P’27 ♦

David Grover P’22 ♦

Sue Gong and Honglin Guo P’18 ’23 ♦

Elke and Bernd Haetzel P’19 ’22 ♦

Kristina and John Hallam P’22 ♦

Melinda Hartnett ’90 and Chris Ellis P’22 ♦

Jodie and Scott Hastings P’31

Elizabeth Cullum ’98 and Jeff Helfrich P’26 ♦

Stacy and Mack Hicks P’32

Mai Dao and Trieu Ho P’26 ’30 ♦

Allison and Rob Horton P’24

Karin and Daniel Hoverman P’23 ’31

Michelle Liou and Paul Hsieh P’21

Mikki and Jeff Hughes P’34

Mark Hurley P’22 ’23 ’28 ’28 ♦

Sarah Penn ’01 and William James P’34 ♦

Rae Liu and Kurt Johnson P’34

Tina and Ed Johnson P’21 ’22 ♦

Sonia and Jatin Kakkar P’29

Bill Katz P’19 ’21 ♦

Nancy Kim P’23 ♦

Irene and Peter Lee P’28 ♦

Sufang Liu and Changsheng Li P’24

Kaifeng Hu and Changcheng Li P’23 ’26

Quenie Sun and Haidong Li P’26

Jenny Wang and Xiaopeng Li P’25

Heather White ’02 and Barrett Linburg P’33 ♦

Emily and Eric Madden P’24

Terry and Bill Mathis P’21

Lillian and Chris Meyer P’27

Marianne and Brian Minnehan P’26

Lori and  Julian Morales P’32 ’34

Sarah and Mark Murray P’19 ’24

Cindy and Craig Musgrove P’31

Stephanie and Mark Nelson P’28 ♦

Karen and Bruce Newsome P’22 ’24 ♦

Sindhu Philip and Sanjay Oommen P’22 ’26 ♦

Janice Yeom and Justin Paek P’23

Mukta and Sandeep Paliwal P’28

Hongyu Chen and Richard Pan P’26

Mary and Ron Perrotta P’32

Mary Ann and James Petrikas P’20 ’23 ’30 ♦

Lori and Mike Polosky P’25 ’27 ♦

Stefanie and Michael Prentiss P’33

Anita Tarar and Jason Railsback P’24 ’26 ♦

Phairat and Dave Rice P’27

Kim and David Roosevelt P’21 ♦

Tiffany Borlaug ’88 and John Rubi P’22 ♦

Amy and Andy Ryser P’29 ’31 ♦

Kim and Jim Savage P’21 ♦

Melissa and Ralph Saye P’30

Lifang Lou and Zhongyan Sheng P’33

Holly and Jay Simons P’21 ’24 ♦

Abigail and Andrew Sinwell P’19 ’23 ♦

Margaret Flanagan ’85 and Glenn Solomon P’26

Eryn Lugger ’91 and Patrick Sporl P’23 ’28 ♦

Whitney Stern P’31 ’34

Dawn and Mark Stout P’22 ♦

Marci and Fife Symington P’21

Huimin Zhou and Tony Tang P’32

Shannon Saalfield ’89 and Jodie Thompson P’20 ’26 ♦

Heather and Michael Vranich P’27 ’31 ♦

Amanda Yang and Hank Wang P’24 ♦

McKinley and Brandon Wier P’31

Kristen and James Works P’26

Vicky Zhou and John Wu P’21 ♦

Jing Ye and Frank Xi P’25 ♦

Shawn Xiong P’21

Carrie and Dave Youngberg P’22

Angela and Luis Zambrano P’24 ’27 ♦

Rebecca and Chris Zarski P’27

Laura and Pablo Zeballos P’24 ♦

Valerie Yu and Wei Zhang P’31

Wei Zhao P’25

Yibin Zhou P’28

PLAID ($500 - $1,499)


Jennifer and Bill Adams P’22 ♦

Naoko and Olof Akesson P’33

Nana Mireku-Akomeah and Franklin Akomeah P’29

Bonner Mead ’94 and Thomas Allen P’28 ’31 ♦

Lindsey Hawkins ’97 and Connor Ambrose P’31 ♦

Lisa and Kyle Antes P’21 ’24

Ann Marie Arcadi P’21 ♦

Karen Halsell and John Ashton P’21 ♦

Rahel Zecharias and Temesghen Asmerom P’24

Ginger and Britain Auer P’24

Swetha Subramanian and Vid Balasubramanian P’28 ♦

Francisca and Jason Balogun P’21

Carrie and Clark Barnard P’24

Megan Lacerte ’02 and Joe Barrie-Schwarz P’33 ♦

Anne and Rick Beard P’23 ♦

Krysta and Todd Betanzos P’21

Carrie and Sanjay Bhasin P’23 ♦

Stacie and Phil Blazek P’23 ♦

Veronica Cuadra and Chris Bowers P’21

Meredith and Warren Burns P’23

Corrie and Patrick Byrd P’28 ♦

Shilpa and Jason Cagle P’24

Joseph Cahoon P’22 ’25

Jessica and Morley Campbell P’32

Xiao Shi and Wenqing Cao P’23

Julie and Jeff Carbery P’23

Kathy and Don Carroll P’22

Paige and Fletch Carron P’29 ♦

Amber and Travis Carter P’22 ♦

Elvia Cervantes P’23 ♦

Austine Mah and Arthur Chan P’28 ♦

Madhavi Chundru and Chaitanya Chava P’28

Daniel Chavez P’28 ’29 ’31 ♦

Sridevi and Prasad Chebrolu P’21

Wenhua Di and Chuo Chen P’26

Ranran Zhao and Yang Chen P’27

Tiffany and Yongliang Chen P’21 ♦

Jing Wu and Zheng Chen P’27

Manjeera and Raja Cherukuri P’24

Gillian and David Cho P’31

Liz and Chris Christensen P’33

Ling and Eugene Chu P’24

Jinmin Lee and Steve Chung P’24

Julie and Eric Clark P’21

J.T. and Matt Coats P’25 ’27 ♦

Susan Haseley and Craig Collins P’21 ♦

Candance and Richard Conerly P’22 ♦

Aubrey and Adam Connatser P’28 ♦

Erin and Lawson Copley P’21 ♦

Diana and Craig Cox P’24

Nancy Jackson ’87 and Greg Crook P’25 ’28 ♦

Aparna and Clark Crosnoe P’23 ♦

Victoria Montgomery ’99 and B.A. Cullum P’33 ♦

Catherine and Themos Dassopoulos P’24 ♦

Anjlica and Rajiv Dattatreya P’21

Tricia Drum ’91 and Ken Davidson P’25 ♦

Kristen and Eric Davis P’27 ’30 ♦

Tricia and Martin DeLeon P’29 ♦

Becka and Dave Dillon P’21

Yanhong Xin and Wei Dong P’24 ’24

Elizabeth and Paul Dougan P’26 ♦

Talley Dunn ’86 P’26 ♦

Jaime Crowley ’03 and Nick English P’34 ♦

Jennifer and Peter Eyestone P’22

Aimee and Hugh Fagan P’24

Kerry and Michael Fagelman P’27 ♦

Courtney and Chaitan Fahnestock P’28 ♦

Grace Xie and Xinqing Fan P’24

Joanne and Peter Fang P’22 ♦

Janice and John Fedorko P’22

Lily and Johnathan Fish P’28 ’30 ♦

Megan Flanagan P’30 ♦

Courtney Newman ’91 and Michael Flanagan P’25 ’27 ’31 ♦

Caroline and Drew Flanigan P’33

Karen and Bob Foster P’21 ♦

Jennifer and David Galardi P’17 ’26

Marisia Parra-Gaona and Fred Gaona P’25 ’29 ♦

Natalia and John Garrett P’27 ♦

Lara Johnson and David Gerber P’26

Pam and Derek Gerow P’17 ’28 ♦

Natalie and Matthew Golden P’25

Kerri Geller ’98 and David Goldfarb P’31 ’33 ’34 ♦

Dania Wierzbicki and Conan Gomez P’24 ♦

Anne and Victor Gomez P’31 ♦

Vasavi Gavirneni and Ravi Gottimukkala P’23

Jill and Michael Green P’22 ♦

Anne and John Griggs P’28 ♦

Sarah and Richard Grip P’23 ♦

Linda Liu and Jash Guo P’32

Rachel and Ryan Haas P’27 ♦

Suntrea and Matthew Hammer P’28 ♦

Carla Foley and Kevin Hanz P’31

Aassia and Faisal Haq P’23

Sara and Stephen Harder  P’32

Courtney and Rob Harris P’32

Melissa and Dalen Harrison P’32

Kimberly and Robert Hart P’18 ’20 ’22 ♦

Cindy and John Hartley P’23

Priya and Sushant Hegde P’24

Robin Hibbitts P’21 ♦

Lisa and Jerry Hicks P’25

Jennifer Perone and Jesse Hochman P’28 ♦

Blaire Hohenshelt P’23 ’27 ♦

Charlie Hohenshelt P’23 ’27 ♦

LeAnn Chen and Bing Hu P’21 ♦

Teresa Yuan and Limin Huang P’21

Mary Hurley P’22 ’23 ’28 ’28

Lydia and Eric Inboden P’31 ’35

Susie and Chris Isaac P’26

Abi and Bode Isaacs-Sodeye P’24

Ritu Srivastava and Ashish Jandial P’21

Jennifer Scott and Dave Jefferds P’23

Katie and Jed Johnson P’21 ♦

Indurashmi Mayakrishnan and Ragunathan Kanagavelu P’24 ’29

Sandra and James Katzman P’19 ’22

Debbie Loeb ’89 and Neil Keon P’34

Jinhyung Cho and Bumsoo Kim P’22

Youyi and Nik Kitson P’26

Mona E. Eissa and Patrick Kocurek P’23 ’26

Sharadha Sankararaman and Sudheer Kodem P’27 ♦

Harichandana Mukkamalla and Bharath Kuruvalli P’24

Caitlin and Michael Laferney P’34

Laura and Kevin Leathers P’23

Traci and Ham Lee P’28

Dianna and Michael Levy P’26

Chamlee and Campbell Lewis P’28 ’28

Jessica Ye and Leon Li P’26

Fang Lu and Xiangyang Li P’24

Qing Zhang and Zhiyong Li P’23

Natalie and Jeff Lockhart P’27

Kim and John Loftus P’23 ♦

Selina and Simon Long P’23 ♦

Yu Zhang and Wei Lou P’21 ♦

Beverly and Bill Lowry P’21 ♦

Fang Wei and Shaoming Lu P’23

Jasmin and Jason Ma P’23

Gonzalo Bueno and Michael McCray P’34

Nina and Rob McDonald P’32

Regina and John McFarland P’25

Dana and Greg McGowan P’24 ’26 ♦

Katie and Luke McLeroy P’26 ’29 ♦

Elizabeth and Darin McNeil P’24 ♦

Mita Desai and Mitul Mehta P’29 ♦

Kruti and Sanjay Mehta P’20 ’27 ♦

Ann and Mark Mennel P’28

Jennifer and David Merkle P’27

Peggy Black ’81 and Dan Meyer P’22 ♦

Lisa and Chip Miller P’23

Ana Zablah-Monroe and Brian Monroe P’26 ’30

Katrina and Mark Moran P’26 ♦

Joana and Fernando Mousinho P’27 ’30 ♦

Ratna and Subrata Mukherjee P’21

Erica and Matt Muller P’23 ’26 ♦

Anne-Marie and Jon Myhre P’27 ’29 ♦

Laura and Aaron Navarro P’26

Allison Swayze ’94 and Ted Navitskas P’27 ♦

Nyawira and Charles Ndambuki P’22 ’24

Mary and Steve Nix P’27 ’30

Alexis Connally ’90 and John Noack P’25

Annie Reilly and Pat O’Brien P’31

Ellen and Marc Oeschger P’26

Jonathan Oh P’25

Kristin Pittman ’97 and Aaron Ortega P’29 ’30 ♦

Melody and Luke Ouyang P’27 ♦

Roberta and Jay Oyakawa P’26 ♦

Linda and Kevin Page P’21 ♦

Rita Ne and Chad Park P’28

Julie and John Parolisi P’21 ♦

Priya Sureddi ’04 and Sunny Patel P’34 ♦

Sam Paul P’21 ♦

Sara Briggs ’93 and Stuart Pauley P’28 ♦

Sofi Sugasti and Martin Pereyra De Olazabal P’33

Mela and Rick Perez P’25

Beth and Dana Petronio P’30 ♦

Shaila and Joseph Philip P’26

Kathryn and Jeff Pope P’32

Niri Gowd and Joshi Pothuri P’29

Claire and Stephen Raggio P’29 ♦

Ramya Rangarajan and Dinesh Rajan P’29 ♦

Kristin and Ricky Rees P’22 ’27 ♦

Susan and Nelson Reyes P’34

Randal Rauscher ’97 and Keith Rhodus P’27 ’29 ’32 ♦

Stephanie and Tommy Rhodus P’23 ♦

Shonte Riddick P’27

Cherry Chandi and Satbir Risam P’25

Tracey and Larry Roach P’23 ’25 ♦

Heather and Andrew Roberts P’20 ’22 ♦

Monica Long ’96 and Jack Rosser P’34

Cary-Elisa Briggle ’83 and Bobby Rubarts P’19 ’23 ♦

Merritt Denton ’01 and Taylor Russ P’34 ♦

Maria and Bryan Rutledge P’26 ♦

Jenny Wilkinson and Mitch Salzberg P’32

Beth and Paul Savoldelli P’21 ♦

Maria and Matthew Schindel P’19 ’21 ♦

Meagan and Chris Sells P’26

Susanna and Rob Shaw P’24 ♦

Darcy Shepherd P’26

Xuehong Ma and Pingsheng Shi P’24

Cathy and John Shipp P’24

Christine and Sig* Sigurdsson P’20 ’22 ♦

Dana Simon P’28 ♦

Katy Crawford ’99 and Jared Slade P’30 ’33 ♦

Heather May ’93 and Jay Smith P’25 ♦

Ann and Rick Smith P’16 ’22 ♦

Natalie and Michael Sorrell P’33

Sanka and Brett Stalcup P’21

Sandee and David Stallings P’17 ’21 ♦

Sam and Mark Stephens P’31

Renee and Tim Stock P’22

Stacey Stoller P’25 ’26

Todd Stoller P’25 ’26

Terry and Matt Stone P’24 ♦

Hannah and Tobin Strom P’28 ’30 ♦

Lauren and Jason Sutherland P’26 ♦

Shruti Sharma and Vinay Tambe P’24

Sue Piya and Anup Tamrakar P’32

Sally Song and Rujing Tang P’23

Ziba and Kourosh Tarighi P’24

Helen and David Tate P’21

Daphne and Lyndon Taylor P’21

Meg Allen ’88 and Chris Temple P’26 ’27 ♦

Vaishali and Dinesh Thati P’21 ♦

Valerie Parks ’99 and Tucker Thomas P’31 ’33 ♦

Lee and David Thompson P’24

Sherri and Glenn Thurman P’22 ♦

Laura and Mark Tortorella P’34

Michelle Hicks and Justin Tortorice P’30 ♦

Beth and Cary Truelove P’25

Linda and Johann Tse P’31

Katie Mullen and Erik Vachon P’31

Kamila and Roberto Velasco P’31 ’34

Suneetha Rangineni and Suresh Vemula P’25

Meredith and Nick Verska P’30 ♦

Adrienne Wilson ’95 and Dave Wagner P’26

Elizabeth Wang P’21

Hao and Shaodong Wang P’23

Ning Xu and Tianying Wang P’25

Kathleen Tsai and Yan Wang P’20 ’28

Sally and Peter Warlick P’24 ♦

Iris and Larry Weisman P’22

Sarah and Chad Weitzul P’25 ♦

Stephanie and Patrik Wibom P’32 ’34

Tammi and Douglas Williams P’25

April and John Willingham P’22 ♦

Michelle and David Wilner P’30 ♦

Claudia and Brian Wing P’29 ♦

Lei Xu and John Wissel P’24

Megan Manser ’89 and Brady Wood P’21 ♦

Liqun and Dingwu Xia P’21

Chuling Guo and Zichao Yan P’22

Lavanya Inampudi and Chow Yanamadala P’26

Bisma and Atif Yousuf P’33

Yan Cao and Hua Yuan P’23

Li Li and Guoqing Zhang P’24

Ning Liu and Jianzhong Zhang P’28

Hua Yu and Min Zhang P’22 ♦

Caroline Shi and William Zhang P’24

Hongjiao Ouyang and Xudong Zhang P’30

Jie Meng and Xu Zhao P’24

Erin and Joe Zopolsky P’32

DAISY ($1 - $499)


Julie and Dave Abel P’23

Hina and David Abel P’22

Christine and Adebola Adesanya P’25

Nalini and Paul Aggarwal P’26

Gela Gallardo and Arturo Aguilar P’26 ’27

Adriana and Jamiel Akhtar P’20 ’21 ’30 ♦

Heather and Jonathan Aldis P’19 ’21 ♦

Helen and Jay Allen P’28 ♦

Danaree and Alex Allgood P’30

Charity Ogunro and Walter Amarteifio P’33

Stacy and Tucker Anderson P’26

Kerry and Jonathan Arrington P’24 ♦

Angela and Moses Asom P’13 ’15 ’26

Deborah and Jean Astie P’28 ♦

Sarah Mbabazi and Monday Atigo P’34 ♦

Ivy Awino ’08 P’31

Laurel Cashman and Steve Bach P’22

Michonne and Kween Baker P’23

Laura and Jon Baker P’28 ♦

Mindy and Jeff Baxter P’21 ♦

Talana and La’Boris Bean P’33

Kathleen and Jay Beck P’18 ’22 ♦

Elizabeth Frost ’02 and Daniel Benson P’32 ♦

Kara and Steve Berger P’21

Shirley and Matthew Bob P’23 ♦

Michelle and Bob Borson P’22

Jill and Kyle Boyd P’27

Caroline and Steve Braskamp P’24

Carissa R. Brown P’22 ’25

Jake Buckner P’25 ’28 ♦

Kelly and Herb Buford P’16 ’19 ’26 ♦

Nikki and Eric Burress P’28

Brad Bush P’17 ’20 ’24 ♦

Gabrielle and Roland Butler P’34

Aarthi and Vikram Cadambe P’25

Peggy and Aaron Cagle P’30 ’34 ♦

Christie Cahoon P’22 ’25 ♦

Jill and Michael Callahan P’21 ’25 ♦

Fang Wang and Chongde Cao P’23

Teffey and Rodney Carethers P’22 ’29 ♦

Andrea and Reginald Carter P’32

Rachel and Diego Castrillon P’23

Cherrise and Fredrik Cederqvist P’28

Sofia Gonzalez and Les Charron P’25

Audra and Terrence Chavis P’23

Tong Zang and Ke Chen P’22 ♦

Yi Song and Zhishen Cheng P’28

Vivian Toh and Henry Chimanyin P’32

Buhle Dube and Young Chisango P’27 ♦

Sung and Dong Cho P’24

Shannon Morse ’88 and Daniel Clifford P’28

Squeaky and Paul Connolly P’21 ’23 ♦

Niesha Craig P’22

Claudia and Fernando Cruz P’27

Michael Spann Cunningham and Bennett Cunningham P’27 ♦

Mona and Nilesh Dave P’23 ’23 ♦

Collin Davis P’28 ♦

Galina Davis P’28 ♦

Robin and Will Dawson P’19 ’24 ♦

Monica and Carlos Diaz P’22

Deepthi Uppalapati and Purna Doddapaneni P’32

Kim and Kevin Dodson P’27 ♦

Katie and Neal Doherty P’31 ’34 ♦

Laila and Nicolas Dolle P’28

Janet and David Dorward P’19 ’22

Lauren and Graham Douglass P’33

Amy Dunn P’23

Canan Ebert P’25 ’27 ♦

Susie and George Edwards P’34

Roxana Emami P’24

Kristi Kay and David Estes P’20 ’22 ♦

Emily and Russ Falconer P’32

Brandi and Tony Finazzo P’31 ♦

Adrienne and Reshaun Finkley P’33

David Finn P’18 ’22

Stephanie and David Fisher P’21 ♦

Florida and Semyon Fishkin P’27 ’29 ♦

Christine and Chris Flanagan P’28 ♦

Barnali Guha and Richard Framjee P’21 ♦

Amy and Kevin Francis P’33

Regina and Charles Frederiksen P’23

Sharon and Mike Freeman P’22

Jenn and Josh Friesen P’28

Jenny Ding and Tat Fu P’22

Diana Decanini and John Fuentes P’19 ’26 ♦

Marc Fuller P’25 ’29 ♦

Elisa Cantu-Garcia and Vincent Garcia P’22 ♦

Brandy and Andy Gass P’22

Jacquelyn Wilcox and Basheer Ghorayeb P’22 ’25 ♦

Denise Zook-Glazer and Steven Glazer P’25 ♦

Mandy and David Golman P’25

Meredith and Michael Grabham P’24

Josephine Andrion and David Griffin P’33

Tasha Grinnell P’21 ’24 ♦

Xuexia Tan and Guojian Guan P’23

Pat and Trey Gum P’19 ’20 ’22 ’25

Supriya and Rajneesh Gupta P’24 ♦

Yolonda and Eric Habimana P’23

Erin Hendricks and Taly Haffar P’27 ’29 ♦

Kimberly Haley-Coleman ’88 and Mark Coleman P’22 ’24 ♦

Mary Lynn and Christopher Hanna P’23 ’25 ♦

Jean Liu and Erik Hansen P’30 ♦

Molly and William Hardy P’31

Josh Hedderich P’30 ♦

Stephanie M. Hedderich P’30 ♦

Alexis McCrossen and Adam Herring P’21 ♦

Missy Heusinger P’19 ’22 ♦

Steve Heusinger P’19 ’22

Jacqueline and Michael Hoffman P’22

Clayton Hollingsworth and Casey Haws P’31

Lana Constantine ’98 and Patrick Hoogendijk P’29 ♦

Srividya Sridhara and Ramakrishna Indaram P’28

Kary and Duke Ionescu P’32

Rosana Ituarte P’22 ♦

Becky Jackson P’24 ♦

Anna and Mark Jackson P’32

Parul and Gaurav Jain P’28 ♦

Thomica James-Evans P’20 ’24 ♦

Jenny Wei and Justin Jan P’22

Yao Zhou and Adam Jiang P’23

Courtney Jones ’97 and Brian Johnson P’26 ’28 ’30 ♦

Jenn and Jason Johnson P’30 ’34 ♦

Nichole and Quincy Johnson P’22 ’24

Lisa and Rodney Jones P’25 ♦

Breeanna and Ethan Joubran P’31

Bru and Coe Juracek P’25

Carli and Simon Kane P’31

David Kang P’32

Dipali and Vipul Kapoor P’25 ♦

Stacey and Stephen Keel P’28

Kim and Dan Kelly P’21 ♦

Natalie Den and Jack Kalisher P’30

Sonali and Sanjay Khatti P’25 ♦

Flora Kim P’32

Nahtalie and William Kincheloe P’30

Janelle Keys and Mark Kinkema P’24

Laura and Craig Kogan P’21 ♦

Neelima and Rahim Kurji P’24 ♦

Anna and Dennis Lambert P’21 ’26 ♦

Shiela Haffar ’91 and Richard Lannen P’28 ’29 ♦

Christine and Joseph Lanners P’19 ’23 ♦

Britten LaRue ’96 P’25 ’28

Ola Sule and Oluf Lawal P’34

Kristen and Quinn Laws P’28 ♦

Alex Lee P’28 ♦

Deanne Lee P’28 ♦

Julie and Jung Lee P’22

Kristin Van Cleve and Michael Lelevich P’25 ♦

Jasmine and Collin Lensing P’34

Dana and Tim Lester P’33

Suzy Levine P’09 ’22

Christy and Nelson Littrell P’26 ♦

Helen Liu P’25

Qingqing Xie and Xin Liu P’25

Michelle Morgan ’87 and Bill Lockhart P’22 ♦

Shana Rosenheck-Lodes and Kirk Lodes P’29 ’31 ♦

Andy London P’23 ’23 ♦

Heather London P’23 ’23 ♦

Linda Kao and Joseph Lu P’22 ♦

Theresa Hou and Siwei Luo P’22 ♦

Sharon Maier P’23

Elizabeth Enloe ’86 and Michael Malakoff P’15 ’16 ’21 ♦

Gogi Malik P’31

Mika Manaster P’26

Rex Manaster P’26

Revathi Anbuchezhiyan and Anbuchezhiyan Mani P’23

Cinnamon and Richard Manley P’24 ♦

Lindsay and Matthew Marchant P’22 ’24 ♦

Jennifer Rhoda ’93 and Dan Marsh P’29 ♦

Candace and Rich Martin P’21 ’23 ♦

Basila Matundwelo P’31

Sarah Choi and Ted Mau P’27

Kathleen Beathard and Michael Maurer P’28 ♦

Lesli A.  McConnell P’21 ♦

Kim and Brandon McCoy P’32

Lara and Cliff McCrary P’15 ’21

Kim and Mitchell McCrea P’27 ♦

Julie Anne Montgomery ’95 and Luckey McDowell P’29

Ellen McGowan P’19 ’21 ♦

Eva and Peter McKee P’31

Mary Beth and Greg McKenna P’24 ’26

Susana and Lee William P’28

Teresa and John McShane P’25 ’30

Carol and Frank Miele P’20 ’22 ♦

Shazia and Arshaad Mirza P’28

Malia and Keith Mitchell P’27 ’30 ♦

Amy and Brian Mitts P’21 ’23 ♦

Kristin and Paul Mlakar P’34

Amy and Sergio Moctezuma P’24

Kelly and Robert Molina P’31 ♦

Maria Gonzalez and Jorge Moreno P’25

Kelly and David Moskovic P’23 ’25

Johanna and Mikhail Moya P’30

Sandra and Guillermo Munoz P’25

Marissa and George Murchison P’32

Lucy Reid ’06 and Will Murchison P’26

Lakshmi Nair ’97 and Deepak Nair P’27 ’30 ♦

Senthil Narayanasany P’23

Kimberly Nelon P’23 ’29 ♦

Tiffany and Johnny Nelson P’29 ’34

Melissa and Cade Newman P’27

Quynh Chau and Benjamin Nguyen P’23

Ngoc Ha and Hao Nguyen P’21

Lee and Josh Nichols P’30 ♦

Claudine Saade and Ghassan Nino P’24

Barbara Brown Obert ’90 P’26 ♦

Faith and Fabian Ogala P’30

Wendy Moore ’89 and Edward Oglesby P’25 ♦

Heather Roseberry and Nathan Ohler P’26

Liz Orozco P’30

Linda and Dan Ortman P’19 ’21 ♦

Erin and Marc Oxford P’32 ♦

Divya and Sudhir Paratala P’33

Theresa Chung and Jason Park P’27 ’29 ♦

Elise Black ’85 and John Parteli P’22 ’24 ♦

Rani Khamesra ’93 and Alpen Patel P’30 ♦

Shilpa and Satin Patel P’28 ♦

Reena and Alok Pathak P’23

Charlene Payne P’27

Stephanie and Keith Pearson P’19 ’28 ♦

Meredith Lewis ’02 and Griffin Perry P’32 ’33 ♦

Carrie Johnson ’91 and Marshall Phaneuf P’21 ’24 ♦

Kristen and Bill Preston P’22

Veronica and Martin Pulido P’24

Sunitha Vadivelu and Chandrasekaran Punniyakoti P’23

Asal and Robert Rahimi P’30 ♦

Lisa Casey ’88 and Brad Raper P’25

Ashuben Raj and Yatin Rathod P’31

Mistee and Chuck Reiter P’22

Christina and Tony Riccio P’30 ♦

Kimberly Fahrenbrook ’89 and Jason Rich P’22 ♦

Heather Hays and Jeff Roberts P’25 ’26 ♦

Claudine and John Paul Roberts P’22 ♦

Emily and Phillip Rogers P’21

Emily and Toby Roosevelt P’33

Angela and Tod Ruble P’22

Pallavi Batwar and Sachin Sachdev P’27

Jenny and Jaime Santana P’24

Laura Sotelo ’93 and Roman Santellana P’25 ♦

Chérine Chlone and Ramzi Sayyid P’32

Mariette Johnson ’87 and T.O. Scherer P’22

Elisha and Jason Scott P’26

Tamara Segal P’15 ’18 ’21

Shirin Shirvani and Shahram Shahinpour P’33

Sonja and Michael Shelby P’15 ’21 ♦

Brad Shoup P’24 ’28 ♦

Apryl Mathes and Adam Shulman P’31

Zeenat and Zul Sidi P’29

Kyler and Brad Silver P’31

Lisa Ginsberg Silver ’80 P’14 ’21 ♦

Lisel Matheny ’92 and Michael Simmons P’26 ’30 ♦

Ramon Solis P’23 ♦

Gonca and Metehan Soysal P’22 ’29 ♦

Shelby and Cedric Spak P’24 ♦

Stephanie and Scott Sparks P’29 ’32 ♦

Sarah Saalfield ’95 and Jason Stallings P’33 ♦

Elia and Brian Stanfield P’34 ♦

Laura and Brandon Starr P’26 ♦

Kaili and Ed Stehel P’24 ♦

Lori and Adam Stern P’23

Candace and Jeff Stone P’27 ♦

Stephanie Snell ’02 and Robert Stone P’34 ♦

Jenni and Shane Stout P’21 ♦

Laurie and Gregory Sudbury P’28 ♦

Melanie and Shane Sumrow P’22 ♦

Debra and Paul Tagg P’24 ♦

Nichole Vickers and Kurt Thomas P’27 ’29 ♦

Jakki and Terry Thomas P’18 ’20 ’24 ♦

Jennifer and Aaron Tobin P’31

Julia Wignall and Enis Tuncer P’31

Anne Shirley ’92 and Ethan Underwood P’24 ’26

Ed Vanston P’09 ’22 ♦

Maria and Hilario Vargas P’21

Robin Grier ’82 and Paul Vettoretti P’22 ♦

Lisa and Scott Watson P’18 ’21 ♦

Noreen Mehdi ’97 and Beck Weathers P’33 ♦

Nicole and John Weeldreyer P’21 ’22 ♦

Arianne and Jim Welch P’23 ♦

Stacie and Mark Whitley P’22 ’25 ♦

Rachel and Scott Wilson P’30 ’33

Chandler Rice ’02 and Jeff Winslow P’34 ♦

Anah and Lysle Witter P’34

Maria and Brian Wright P’21

Karen and Michael Yang P’17 ’22 ♦

Jane and Franklin Yau P’26 ’29 ♦

Christopher Young P’25

Lyssa Orchid and D’Arcy Young P’20 ’26 ♦

Melanie Young P’25 ♦

Becky and Abraham Yu P’25

Esther Bao and Frank Yuan P’25

Lie Luo and Qianlong Yuan P’24

Meredith and Ian Zapata P’21 ♦