The Hockaday Parents’ Association 2020 Benefit

The following individuals were underwriters for The Hockaday Parents’ Association 2020 Benefit – “Hockaday Goes Pop!”. The Benefit raised $347,571 to support the Ela Hockaday Fund for Faculty Excellence.

♦ Denotes a minimum of five years of consecutive giving.


PlainsCapital Bank, a Hilltop Holdings Company


Gerald J. Ford Family Foundation, Kelli and Jerry Ford P’22 ’25 ♦

LEGACY UNDERWRITER ($10,000 - $15,000)

Rosalind Redfern Grover ’59 ♦

Nancy A. Nasher ’72 and David J. Haemisegger P’12 ’18 ♦

Shana Rosenheck-Lodes and Kirk Lodes P’29 ’31 ♦

Kalene and Matt McGraner P’31

Heather Hill ’90 and Ray Washburne P’22 ♦


Karena and Chad Chisolm P’29 ♦

Kathy and Harlan Crow P’21 ♦

The Dallas Foundation ♦

Kathryn Walker ’94 and Jim Francis P’24 ♦

Dawn and Toby Grove P’23 ♦

Kristina and John Hallam P’22

Highland Capital Management ♦

Nicole Ginsburg ’91 and Justin Small P’24 ’27 ♦


Kelly and Herb Buford P’16 ’19 ’26 ♦

The Communities Foundation of TX, Inc. ♦

Jodie and William Hastings P’31

Colleen and David Hayes P’28 ’29 ♦

Haseena Enu and Randy Hulme P’27 ♦

Terry and Bill Mathis P’21


Dina and Jason Arnott P’28 ♦

Audrey Cook ’88 and Joel Bines P’17 ’26 ♦

Carla and Dylan Bolden P’25 ’27 ♦

Buhle Dube and Young Chisango P’27 ♦

Susan and Christopher Chun P’23 ’26

Jeanne Marie and Paul Daggett P’31 ’33

Jessica Werner ’96 and Doug Epperson P’26 ’29 ♦

Rebecca Marcus ’96 and Alex Fernandes P’33

Katie Croft and Scott Goldberg P’32 ♦

Abby English ’00 and Michael Gregory P’31

Rajashri Patil and Amit Guttigoli P’22 ’27 ♦

Cathy Xu and Huawen Jin P’28 ♦

Jan and Jeff Kramer P’25 ♦

Amita and Raj Lalsare P’21

Julie and Robert Little P’22

Kim and Mitchell McCrea P’27 ♦

Niri Gowd and Joshi Pothuri P’29

Betty and Brian Schultz P’18 ’19 ’25 ♦

Shanon Schwimmer P’19 ’21 ♦

Daphne Stidham P’22 ♦

Daphne and Lyndon Taylor P’21

Shannon Saalfield ’89 and

Jodie Thompson P’20 ’26 ♦

Sherri and Glenn Thurman P’22 ♦

Dawne and Patrick Tribolet P’18 ’21 ’23 ♦

Katie Mullen and Erik Vachon P’31



Lindsay and Jehan Akhtar P’26 ♦

Danaree and Alex Allgood P’30

Elizabeth Frost ’02 and Daniel Benson P’32 ♦

Carrie and Sanjay Bhasin P’23 ♦

Leslie and Ryan Boschetti P’33

Shonn and Clarence Brown P’24 ’26 ♦

Gillian and David Cho P’31

Karen Warren Coleman and Andrew Coleman

Tiffany and Mark Cuban P’22 ’25 ♦

Anjlica and Rajiv Dattatreya P’21

Julie and Mark Dendle P’20

Natasha and Antal Desai P’31 ’33

Mandy and Bill Dillard – Mandy and Bill Dillard Charitable Foundation

Kristen and Mitch Fagelman P’26 ♦

Brian Flanagan P’30

Megan Flanagan P’30

Kerri Geller ’98 and David Goldfarb P’31 ♦

Dania Wierzbicki and Conan Gomez P’24

Jennifer and Silas Graham P’27 ♦

Linda Liu and Jash Guo P’32

Erin Hendricks and Taly Haffar P’27 ’29 ♦

Heidi and Andrew Hill P’22 ♦

Rong Zeng and David Hong P’21 ♦

Karin and Daniel Hoverman P’23 ’31

Katie and Jed Johnson P’21 ♦

Christine and Jon Leatherberry P’33

Allyson and Hays Lindsley P’08 ’10 ’20 ♦

Susan Bednar and John Long P’27 ♦

Whitney and Tom Madine P’24 ’29

Louise and Charles Marsh P’30

Peggy Black ’81 and Dan Meyer P’22 ♦

Teresa and Robert Montana P’22

Stephanie and Greg Moore P’22 ’25

Joanne and Alex Nguyen P’27 ’29 ’32 ♦

Kristin Pittman ’97 and Aaron Ortega P’29 ’30 ♦

Mela and Rick Perez P’25

Claire and Stephen Raggio P’29

Angela and Tod Ruble P’22

Amy and Andy Ryser P’29 ’31 ♦

Laura and Wilson Sands P’21

Amanda and Charlie Shufeldt P’29

Abigail and Andrew Sinwell P’19 ’23 ♦

Mimi and Ben Slater P’33

Stephanie and Scott Sparks P’29 ’32 ♦

Carmen and Andy Yung P’22 ’27 ♦

Erin and Joe Zopolsky P’32


Meredith and Andrew Clavenna P’23 ’25 ♦

Mona and Nilesh Dave P’23 ’23 ♦

Renee and Jeffrey George P’25

Anne and Victor Gomez P’30

Schatzie Henderson ’55 and George Lee, Jr. P’83 ♦

Carrie Johnson ’91 and Marshall Phaneuf P’21 ’24 ♦

Jennifer and Jaime Santana P’24

Meg Allen ’88 and Christopher Temple P’26 ’27 ♦

Thomica James-Evans P’20 ’24 ♦


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PlainsCapital Bank, a Hilltop Holdings Company

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Deno Taglioli / Emerald City Band

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Ussery Printing

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Medical City Children’s Hospital

NorthPark Gold Balloon Wall Game Sponsor

Nancy A. Nasher ’72 and David J. Haemisegger P’12 ’18 ♦

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Eiseman Jewels NorthPark Center 

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