The Hockaday Parents’ Association Hang Ten Hockaday –
Ride the Daisy Wave 2020–2021 Benefit

The following individuals were underwriters for The Hockaday Parents’ Association 2021 community event – Hang Ten Hockaday – Ride the Daisy Wave!. Through Hang Ten Hockaday and other HPA sponsored events, such as the Sewell Automotive Raffle, Uniform Resale, and Charms, the HPA raised $151,728 to support Hockaday’s Athletic and Wellness Project.

♦ Denotes a minimum of five years of consecutive giving.

RIDE THE WAVE - $2,500

Kathy and Harlan Crow P’21 ♦

Kathryn Walker ’94 and Jim Francis P’24 ♦

Abby English ’00 and Michael Gregory P’31 ’34

Haseena Enu and Randy Hulme P’27 ♦

Amanda and Charlie Shufeldt P’29

HANG TEN - $1,000

Wasan and Kasim Alfalahi P’32

Carla and Dylan Bolden P’25 ’27 ♦

Sarah Lu and Terry Cao P’32

Bethany and Robert Dow P’32

Jan and Jeff Kramer P’25 ♦


Amsler and Don Bell P’26 ♦

Audrey Cook ’88 and Joel Bines P’17 ’26 ♦

Tiffany and Mark Cuban P’22 ’25 ♦

Alexis and Jim Damonte P’24

Amy and Dahlem Dodson P’22 ♦

Alli and Matt Eagan P’34

Jessica Werner ’96 and Doug Epperson P’26 ’29 ’34 ♦

Marcia Schneider and Irfan Farukhi P’31

Rebecca Marcus ’96 and Alex Fernandes P’33 ♦

Courtney Newman ’91 and Michael Flanagan P’25 ’27 ’31 ♦

Caroline and Drew Flanigan P’33

Landy Elliott ’92 and Alex Fox P’24 ’26 ♦

Carol and Mark Goglia P’22 ♦

Carla Foley and Kevin Hanz P’31

Susan Watts and Greg Kozielec P’23

Emily and Eric Madden P’24

Regina and John McFarland P’25

Ann and Mark Mennel P’28

Priya  Sureddi ’04 and Sunny Patel P’34 ♦

Mary and Ron Perrotta P’32

Mary Ann and James Petrikas P’20 ’23 ’30 ♦

Susan and Nelson Reyes P’34

Betty and Brian Schultz P’18 ’19 ’25 ♦

Mimi and Ben Slater P’34

Sherri and Glenn Thurman P’22 ♦