About the School

Mission Statement

Believing in the limitless potential of girls, Hockaday develops resilient, confident women who are educated and inspired to lead lives of purpose and impact.

Statement of Philosophy and Purpose

The Hockaday School, founded in 1913, provides a college preparatory education for girls of strong potential and diverse backgrounds who may be expected to assume positions of responsibility and leadership in a rapidly changing world.

It is the purpose of The Hockaday School to foster a community of concern and friendship and to instill in every girl a love of learning, an understanding of herself and the ethical principles which guide her life, an appreciation of excellence in all its forms, and a commitment to what is right and good.

Through small classes, creative teaching, and an approach which emphasizes the process of learning, Hockaday seeks to discover unique aptitudes and awaken the intellectual curiosity of every girl.

Through a strong physical education program and the challenge of competitive sport, Hockaday seeks to develop in each girl an enthusiastic spirit, a healthy body, and a sense of responsibility for herself and her actions.

Through a continual exposure to the arts, Hockaday seeks to engender an appreciation of beauty and joy in self-expression that will bring added enrichment to each girl’s life.

Through constant emphasis on moral and ethical values, Hockaday seeks to nurture a courteous attitude, a sense of grace, respect for the ideals of human worth and dignity, and a harmonious and mature character well-equipped to make responsible choices and be prepared for the future.

Guiding Our Work: The Four Cornerstones

Miss Ela Hockaday’s founding principles continue to imbue the culture of the School today. The Four Cornerstones are the foundation by which Hockaday students live and learn about the world around them.


The pursuit of a moral and ethical life; character promotes self-assurance and the strength to withstand life’s pressures.


The quality equated with dignity and generosity of spirit; courtesy is the outward expression of respect not only for others, but also for oneself.


The search for knowledge that brings a wise understanding of a complex world; scholarship fosters a creative, discerning, and resourceful mind.


The endeavor to lead a healthy, active, and balanced life; athletics inspires each girl to embrace challenges and demonstrate the highest ideals of sportsmanship.

Believing in the inherent worth and dignity of all people, The Hockaday School is committed, within the context of its educational mission, to build and maintain an inclusive community that respects the diversity of race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, family composition, socioeconomic status, and talents of its members. This commitment to diversity and inclusion is vital to educating and inspiring Hockaday students to lead lives of purpose and impact as resilient, confident women.